Why did you choose to do a boudoir session with Caroline?

2 important reasons! 1) for my hubby! I want to remind him I am worth it, all flaws and everything! I love him very much and wanted to do something other than cell phone pics  2) for myself, to remind myself that it is okay not to be shredded all of the time and that it’s okay to love myself with a few rolls here and there and to let myself know my body is my temple.


Is there anything you were nervous about going into your session?  Why did those things make you nervous?

I think being vulnerable but Caroline does an amazing job reminding you that you are a queen and it’s okay to let loose.


How was your experience with Shayne during hair and makeup?

Omg! Love her! I honestly walked in not knowing what to do with hair and makeup and she expressed how much she loved my eyelids and created a Kim K vibe with my make up and oh my goodness! I felt like Kim K! Lol! 10/10 need her to do my makeup and hair again some day!


What was your favorite part of the boudoir experience?

Honestly it was the nude “outfit” was my favorite! Just letting go and being free was awesome and you feel very empowering. Caroline takes good care of you and makes sure your posing is perfect and comfortable. I honestly recommend that being apart of your “outfit”, being nude.


What tips and advice would you give to any gals, either, wanting to book a session or already have a session booked?

Go in there confident, even if you are not, TELL YOURSELF YOU ARE! Because we all have our inner bad bitch somewhere, sometimes we just have to dig a little deeper to get to her.


Would you recommend Caroline to others?

Uh, duh! She’s shot so many photos of myself and hubby and known her since college! She’s grown so much and I love her and her growth!

Priscilla’s Boudoir Experience


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