Why did you choose to do a boudoir session with Caroline?

I honestly have no idea how I found her page, but after following her for a while and loving her style while also getting to see flashes of her and her personality I just went for it! And absolutely no regrets/couldn’t imagine having any other photographer.


Is there anything that you were nervous about going into your session?  Why did those things make you nervous?

Yes!! I did this session for my own self confidence. I was struggling a lot with self doubt/self esteems issues, so one day on a whim I booked a session. I regretted and questioned canceling so many times because I was so nervous, but my gut told me to keep it. I can now officially confirm that it’s true what they say, listen to your gut! All of those insecurities went out the door so quickly once I finally got to the studio and met Caroline.


How was your experience with Shayne during hair and makeup?

I love Shayne and if I could have her do my hair and makeup everyday, my confidence would be out of this world. The hair and makeup she did were perfect and it felt like I was just getting my makeup done by one of my best friends instead of someone I just met.


What was your favorite party of the boudoir experience?

I know all of it isn’t a great answer, but it really is mine. I loved how comfortable I felt and how it felt like I knew Caroline and Shayne for much longer than just a few hours. Caroline made it the most positive environment where you had no room for self doubt and I still look at the pictures and can’t believe that’s really me in them!


What tips and advice would you give to any gals, either, wanting to book a session or who already have a session booked?

Just do it. Don’t let the self doubt or lack of confidence talk you out of it because honestly boudoir GIVES you confidence! You don’t need to lose the weight or fix your skin problems like I thought too because once you see the pictures those will be the last things you’re thinking of. It’s such an empowering experience and I’ve been telling all my girls to do it.


Would you recommend Caroline to others?

A thousand times yes! And I already have recommended her. She’s incredibly kind and funny, but also the girl knows what she is doing. I never felt awkward or like I was being judged. In fact, it was the exact opposite with Caroline and I felt accepted for all my flaws and everything in between. I couldn’t be more thankful for the confidence she instilled in me and the little bit of “kickass woman power” I’m now walking around with.


Jenna’s Boudoir Experience


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