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Estes boudoir was created with the intentions of showing every woman how beautiful she is NOW.  Part of loving yourself now is appreciating the many things in life that shaped the person you are today.  Though the mirror can be deceiving, boudoir is this magnificent experience that allows you to view yourself with a sincere clarity.  It is raw.  It is real.  And, it is designed to remind you of the beauty you carry, not only on the outside, but within your soul.

A luxury experience

to remind you of your worthiness...


Hey there, friend!  I am so glad you are here.  It is time to treat yourself!  4 years ago, I stepped behind the camera to shoot my first boudoir session not knowing how much it would change my life.  I have learned that boudoir is far more than just a photoshoot, but photos to tell your story.  Every experience we have, shapes our being and that is something worth celebrating at every stage in our lives.  

Boudoir is not a one-size-fits-all type of session.  Everyone has a very different story to tell and I cherish yours as if it were my own.  From beginning to end, we will design your session to speak to you, to portray you in all your rawness, and to express who you are.  My clients mean far more to me than just being their photographer.  My clients are my friends, my girls.  And, just like with any of my girlfriends, I support you.  I am here to listen to you.  I am here to help you love yourself again.  And, I am here to tell your story.   Though boudoir can have many different purposes, at the root, it is a session for you.

Hello, beautiful!

Caroline Estes

Just like everyone's story, mine is long.  But, I will give you the condensed version.  At surface level, I am a mom, a wife, a traveller, a lover of art, and a business owner.  My husband and I had our beautiful daughter in 2018 and later got married in 2019.  I actually graduated from Tarleton with a degree in Kinesiology, but always had a heart for helping others.  

My self-love journey truly began after I had my daughter.  I have always been a strong, independent woman, who really liked to handle everything on my own.  I was also a bodybuilder, spending hours in the gym, honing my focus, but, ultimately, covering up my insecurities.  As we know, babies change everything.  After having Lucy, I struggled immensely with depression.  I had a lady come in for a boudoir session one day who began telling me her story and nearly everything aligned with me.  I remember, after her session, feeling this incredible emotion from hearing about her journey to self-love.  Since then, my eyes have viewed boudoir in a far more impactful light and, now having done sessions myself, I have found self-love is an ever-changing journey.  Boudoir truly changed me and my heart. 

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The booking fee reserves your date on my calendar!  What's included in the fee:

- private studio
- professional hair and makeup
- 1.5 hour shooting with me
- style guidance + boudoir prep guide
- 3 outfits
- signature editing & retouching
- viewing & ordering appointment

print collections include varying amounts of printed & digits products

Boudoir is a luxury experience and I offer many amazing luxury print products.  Wasn't expecting it to be that pricey?  I understand that a boudoir sessions is an investment, so I offer various payment plans to help you get the products you want while paying it off slowly.

Click the tab below to see a full breakdown the print products I offer and payment plans!


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products & payment plans

1. submit inquiry & fill out questionnaire
2. choose a date, pay booking fee, & sign the contract
3. receive boudoir prep guide & plan your outfits
4. arrive for photoshoot - hair & makeup (2 hours), shoot time (1.5 hours)
5. break for 1.5 hour - go grab lunch while I edit your photos
6. viewing & ordering appointment after break
7. receive ordered products within 4-6 weeks!

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